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STNA – Sales Training Needs Analysis, the effective way to plan an individual training program for each member of your sales team

Does the success of your business depend significantly on the effectiveness of your sales team?

Most organizations need a sales team that is performing consistently well to achieve their growth targets.

But how can you focus on building common sales skills and changing behaviors with a team that displays a variety of knowledge, skills and experience?

Our sales training methodologies founded on original research into best practice have provided the foundation for an innovative, simulation-based Learning Diagnostic tool that enables a business to:

1. Help team members and their managers, benchmark individual competence to perform effectively in a B2B complex sales situation.
2. Use the results to highlight specific skill and behavioral needs which – when met – will improve sales performance.
3. Enable individuals and their managers to set their development targets so that they can extract the maximum personal benefit from the program.
4. Reflect on their sales training and identify further areas for development.
5. Measure the knowledge/competence levels of their team before and after a learning intervention.

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